Your branded QR menu system

Beirut Menu Listing, your cost-effective, fast and easy solution towards a digital menu card

Digitize your restaurant's menu

The QR Menu is one of many solutions that we can provide. Save time and money while providing your customers with a virus and bacteria-free alternative to paper menus.

100+ companies already rely on BML.


The alternative to your physical menu

You can now supplement or replace your classically printed menu with a digital version.

Create complex menus

Easily create complex menus with choices and supplements so that customers can make their choice with ease.

Customize your menu whenever you want

Smartphone or tablet at hand? Quickly adjust your menu in the morning or in the middle of the shift with the suggestions of the day!

Creating & editing menus is now easy

Smart menus

Use QR Menu to not only digitize your menu, but also easily share your allergen information with your customers. Gluten-free, vegetarian or lactose-free? With 1 push of a button, your guest knows what to order!

International guests?

Do you have international guests? Offer them a translated version of your menu in no time!

Your menu on your website

Embed your digital menu on your website. Always up to date!

Your customers are already digital

New generations have new rules. More than 50% already prefer to order digitally and over a third would like to pay by phone in your restaurant. Using the right technology for digital ordering drives visit frequency and up to 30% higher ticket sizes.

Engage and retain

Engage with your customers using coupons, personalized messages and news. Introduce a rewards program to reward & retain your guests across all your channels.

Shine in your colors or develop your own front-end

The MENU ecosystem is branded according to your guidelines so that the look and feel is truly yours. Want to go a step further and design the entire user experience? Integrate with our developer tools and let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on presenting your brand.

Our Solutions

Intuitive interfaces for your customers


Shorten waiting lines with a quick and efficient automated ordering process.

Mobile app

Let your customers order and pay wherever, whenever.

Web app

Order on any device, as long as you have a web browser.

Powerful tools for you

Management center

Manage menus, track statistics and engage with customers. Role-based access allows you to give everyone permission to exactly what they need.


Connect & engage with your customers through coupons, rewards and loyalty programs.


Our platform is designed to support any channel. We're regularly expanding and updating our line of products with our team constantly on the lookout for exciting new industry trends & opportunities to deliver the most innovative product to our customers.


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